He awoke slowly, his eyes staying shut longer than usual to block out the bright light of his surroundings. The ground beneath him was soft and comfortable with just the right amount of give to keep him mildly unconscious by choice. With a broad yawn he stretched out his tired limbs… they still ached faintly from all these nights on the hard floo…

THE BARS ARE GONE! It struck him immediately and he was on his feet, heading for anexit from this blasted tower. O'Chul knew he would only get one shot at this escape…

The place where he stood was no longer the wretched tower in which Xykon had held him captive for all this time, instead the stone blocks were replaced by fluffy white clouds. The air here was clear rather than moldy and smelled faintly of lilacs, which reminded O'Chul of his younger days. The brilliant light of this place was hard to acclimate to after all of this time spent under the faint lights of the tower.

It became clear to him what had occured. He had expired. A slight smile crossed overhis lips as he came to fully understand. He whispered to himself, "This must be…"

"Heaven." A soft voice answered from behind him. O'Chul turned to see a faint light hovering several yards behind him. As he watched it grew vertically like a pillar and widened breifly to allow a figure to step through. It was a woman, a lady to be more specific. Her form was compact and trim beneath the light blue buisiness suit which allowed for just a hint of the girl's natural curves. Her blond hair was cut short beneath her matching garrison hat and tucked back behind her ears.

O'Chul smiled as he knew he was about to enter paradise and receive his reward for a life lived serving the gods. This girl was cute and her swagger carried an air of confidence, matched with her smile which expressed a familiarity and genuine affection.

O'Chul grined as she walked to him, as he let his eyes take in this heavenly beauty he asked, "Which would make you an angel?"

The girl laughed coyly as she stood across from him and took his hand in her own. She raised his hand up and began to kiss it and answered, "You can call me that if you like…" As she game to a scar that ran across the back of his hand she let a few tears fall from her perfect almond shaped brown eyes. As the tears fell upon his hand the scar washed away like it was just a smudge on his skin. O'chul was stunned and astonished and… moved. This beautiful girl didn't know him but as she ministered to his forearm it felt like she wept over the pain he felt from each of those wounds, as if she was there… always there… for his entire life.

By the time she had worked her way to his bicep he was overwhelmed and his heart felt like it was straining against his chest, ready to explode. Tears streamed down his face as he curled around her and he softly placed a kiss on the back of her neck. They intertwined as she worked over the rest of his body, restoring the skin and removing all sign of his struggles in the mortal realm.

She looked up at him after she had finished, "How do you feel O'Chul?" Her eyes were still wet with tears that she slowly wiped away on a delicate napkin she retrieved from a pocket. Other than that she was perfect, not even a redness to her eyes after all of that work.

O'Chul looked over his fresh form and smiled like a boy many years younger. "Darling, you've refreshed me to a point where I barely recognize myself…" He rotated an arm, expecting to feel like a young man again but his muscles were still sore and the socket of his shoulder still had that slight grind he began to develop a few years back. He looked away from her not wishing to offend after such a miraculous work, "Honestly… I still *feel* old on the inside."

When he looked back to her he found her smiling with an impish grin. The way she slithered closer to him make O'Chul rigid like a board. She stated, with more than a little enthusiam, "Just wait til you see how we rejuvinate the body…" and with that she pounced on him, locking lips with the man as they both fell into the cloudy floor.

Covered by the clouds, giggling and kissing sounds could be heard from beneath the little pile of clouds they had covered themselves with. Her hat and popped out to lay on the clouds next to them. The buisiness suit quickly followed after. Occasional suggestions from O'Chul to "slow down" or "take it easy" were met with a giggly "Don't be so stiff old man!", which would bring them both to laughter.

After some quiet moments there was a giggle followed by a gasp. The girl's voice could quietly be heard commenting, "Well, this can stay stiff…" followed by a groan from O'Chul and once again… mixed laughter. She remarked, "Mr. Stiffly" and there was even more laughter. The two of them rolled through the clouds like youngsters used to roll in a haystack… kissing, carressing, grinding the whole way. It was better than anything O'Chul had ever imagined. Every sacrifice seemed worth it as he experienced the first of his many rewards.

His attention was called back to the moment as the girl was envigorated with energy. She was writhing against him and whispered, "Give me Mr. Stiffly…" O'Chul perked an eyebrow and asked, "Again?" She just bit her bottom lip and nodded. To motivate him she pushed aside some of the cloud so O'Chul could enjoy a good view of her.

O'Chul grinned broadly and said, "Here comes Mr. Stiffly!" before pouncing on her once again. She began moaning, "Oh Mr. Stiffly…" as they rolled through the clouds. At one point she began to buck and thrash against his body while crying out "Mr. Stiffly! Mr. Stiffly!", she then pulled him to her and as she quivered she screamed in his ear so loud it made him wince, "MR. STIFFLY!" but her voice seemed different this time.

O'Chul rubbed his crusty eyes, which had a hard time opening. He wiped some drool from the corners of his mouth and looked around. Caged… back in the tower… again. O'Chul just rubbed his head as he rolled back against the bars. Monster-san was saying something about fearing that he had died in his sleep. O'Chul just shook his head and looked up through a small window high in the tower. Seeing a single cloud he smiled, "Soon darling… soon."

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