Xykon was annoyed. He was so close to achieving the goal he could smell it but what do you know it turns out you can only spend eight hours a day preforming the rituals to control a gate. Which meant that while Redcloak snoozed he had to find something to do.
Striding into his tower's thrown room the lich asked, "Alright kids what's up for tonight's entertainment? One of the demon roaches replied, "For tonight's enterainment we have the wheel of torture!"
A pair of ghouls rolled a large wheel made of human skin stretched over a into the room.
"This should be fun." said Xykon, "Give it a whirl."
Obediently one of the Ghouls heaved on the edge of the wheel setting it to spinning. After half a tense minute the arrow at the top of the wheel settled on…… "Geas enforced mating until death by exhaustion." announced the roach.
"Hmm could be interesting." muttered Xykon as a pit in the floor opened up revealing the two unforunates who would be providing tonights entertainment.
Lying in the pit were two members of the adventuring party he had defeated at the gate one was the red headed archer and the other was the human fighter "Blueblade I think his name was." pondered Xykon.

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