Xykon was still seething over the loss of his phylactery. Worse yet in his rage he had alienated the only creature he could ever confide in, Redcloak. He remembered when he told Tsukiko he was not a biofeliac, and how he was lucky to be a good liar. Redcloak was sulking in his quarters that the closest thing he had to a friend, Xykon, had accused him of letting him down, and worse that he was right. Xykon wanted to make things right with Redcloak, but he did not have the courage to confront him, or forgive him. Xykon wandered his fortress, his skull hung low with despair, till he chanced upon the monster in the darkness, who asked “what’s the matter Xykon?” “I uh, I did something bad to someone I care about, and now I don’t know how to fix it.” “Did you say you were sorry?” “No” “If you say that you are sorry, the person will understand.” “I guess it’s worth a shot.” Xykon opened the door to Redcloak’s quarters.

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