A Twisted Tail (Part 1)

Hieronymus Grubwiggler had many projects on which he worked. He was nearing the final stages of a couple of them. He grinned as he injected himself with his latest formula. If this worked, he would gain the speed, agility, stamina and strength of a wild animal.

The process was painful and had some aesthetic side effects, but overall he decided that he was pleased with the results as he looked into the mirror. His eyes had become yellow with cat-like pupils. His ears were now pointed and higher on his head, giving a fox-like impression. His nose was longer with a wet, black tip. He had grown a long tail and finally, his body was covered in brown fur. Hopefully his wife wouldn’t mind. Speaking of which, the experiment had awoken a primal, animalistic hunger in him. He needed to get home fast. “Giro,” he called, “I’m leaving early today!”

His wife had been surprised, but she had come to accept the results of his experiments and he wasn’t exactly a looker to begin with. That night was wild and passionate, like from the days of their honeymoon. She had told him that she could definitely tell that there was an improvement in his physical ability scores. It had also inspired him the way she had when he was courting her and the next morning he had gone to work, eager to try his next experiment.

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