A Twisted Tail (Part 4)

The clone arrived at the lab the next day feeling thoroughly pleased with himself. He was really enjoying his time experimenting on Hieronymus and spending his nights with the wife. However, when he arrived, he immediately knew that something was wrong. Hieronymus was not strapped to the table. “Hello there,” came a voice from his left as a scalpel was pressed against his neck, “so nice of you to join me.” He turned to face the gaze of Hieronymus Grubwiggler. “How did you escape?” asked the clone.
“It turns out that you rolled quite a bit lower on your use rope check last night. Low enough for my high roll on my escape artist check to overcome it.”
“Are you going to kill me?” asked the clone.
“I considered it,” said Hieronymus slowly, “but you see, I’ve been separated from my wife and had certain…urges awoken whilst you were working on me. Therefore, I came up with a better plan. You are going to help me satisfy those urges and this time I’ll be dominant.”

Hieronymus and his clone lay naked on the floor. “I really enjoyed that.” said the clone.
“But I’m not sure what to do now.” replied Hieronymus, “I have a wife. I don’t know how I’m going to explain all this to her or what I should do with you.”
“Well you know what they say,” answered the clone, “it’s not Science unless you share it.” With that, they both grinned.

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