Body and Soul (Part 3)

Tsukiko ran out of the temple smiling. However, rather than join in with the celebrations that had just begun, she turned into a dark alleyway. Shinji was there, waiting for her. “I told you that you could do it.” he said. Tsukiko proudly held out her new, official, unholy symbol of Rat. “You were right.” she answered, “I am now a cleric of Rat.”
“I see that you aren’t celebrating with any of the other new clerics, archivists, favored souls, shugenjas and adepts.” commented Shinji.
“Of course not.” answered Tsukiko with an expression of disgust on her face. “They don’t appreciate Rat at all. Most of them spend their time talking about how great and high and mighty Dragon is. Dragon is an oppressive lizard.”
“That’s right.” smiled Shinji, “You are ready to join me on my quests.”
“Really?” said Tsukiko with shock, “I’m only first level. Shouldn’t I study more at the temple?”
“Adventuring is a far more efficient way of earning experience.” answered Shinji. “I could use a cleric and as we have very different levels, we’ll meet challenges that will be easy to overcome for me and will earn you many experience points.” Tsukiko smiled and answered, “All right. That does sound exciting.” Shinji smiled again.
“I also think that you should move into my place. It will be more convenient, you have no attachment to your own and I own many things that I believe you’ll find interesting once you have the time to study them.”
“Um…ok.” said Tsiukiko shyly.
“Excellent.” replied Shinji, “The reason that I wait for you here is because I happen to have an extra entrance here.” He then proceeded to open a strech of wall with the secret door symbol written upon it.

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