Note: “Nacle” was a suggested fan nickname for the nameless cleric of Loki.

“Wow!” said the cleric, “You really are a powerful warrior. You said that you were a sexy shoeless god of war and you were telling the truth. What’s more is that I really liked fighting by your side and how you rescued me and helped me get my revenge.”
“Yeah, you better be tough if you want to take on the Belkster!” answered Belkar, “A bunch of burglars and shoplifters isn’t going to slow me down!”
“Oh yes!” said the cleric “I’d be a fool not to notice your superb fighting skills, such power and technique. It is highly attractive. Is this what you meant by the “sexy” part?” Belkar grinned and answered, “Tell you what, I’ll show you what I meant if you don’t mind sharing me with the hot bard chick we met earlier, whatever her name was.”

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