Roy stared hungrily at the halfling that he had been trying to convince himself was the bane of his existence for the entire adventure. What he had never admitted to anyone, was that he had actually enjoyed Belkar’s lewd comments during the short space of time that he was a women. He could certainly appreciate the skill with which Belkar fought. How could someone so small, be so powerful? So…deliciously powerful. Of course, Roy could never have him. Belkar had only ever expressed interest in women so far. Unless…maybe…if Roy let him know who the woman that he had apparently found so attractive was…no. It wouldn’t work. Roy desperately wanted to be manhandled the way that Belkar manhandled their enemies…but Belkar was a powerful, violent individual with no sense of self control. Roy quite simply didn’t trust him not to slit his throat whilst they were “busy”. But wait! There was another way! Belkar’s arrangement with Lord Shojo provided Roy with a unique opportunity. One that he wasn’t going to let slip away.

“Belkar,” announced Roy, “I’d like a word in private.” Belkar got up from the table that he was sharing with the rest of the Order and followed Roy outside. “Next time try not to announce my name to the whole world.” he hissed, “And try to remember that it’s not easy sitting down and getting up while I’m wearing these stilts, so I like to avoid doing it more than I have to.”
“Sorry,” Roy apologized, “I am a little distracted.”
“Well, what is it?” asked Belkar.
“As you know,” began Roy, “Lord Shojo placed the Greater Mark of Justice on you which will activate if you deal lethal damage to anyone in an urban area, or if I say the password.”
“Your point?” snarled Belkar, clearly still upset with this restriction in his freedom.
“I have some information and a…request for you.” said Roy.
“Well?” asked Belkar.
“Do you remember the woman that you hit on after the inn exploded?” asked Roy. Belkar smiled and said, “Oh yeah, she was smoking hot. I wanted to take her back to my room and…”
“That was me.” interrupted Roy, “That was me using the belt of gender-changing, or whatever it was called.”
“Well, in that case,” smirked Belkar, “How’s about you and me have some fun together, babe?”
“I was hoping, you’d say that.” said Roy.
“Wait, what?” asked Belkar, clearly shocked, “I was just teasing you. You mean, you’re actually interested?”
“Yes, I am.” answered Roy, “I want to know what it’s like to be dominated by you, but remember, you have the Mark of Justice and I have the password.”
“Um…Okay,” answered Belkar, “It looks like this is going to be more fun than I thought.

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