Booted Wight/Ghast

Tsukiko looked at her newly created child with pride. Then she turned to the wight behind her and said, “He’s hungry. Please take him to the kitchen.”
“Yes, mistress.” answered the wight and he began guiding the new ghast back to the castle. He found that he enjoyed holding this ghast’s hand. “YOUR SHOES ARE MADE OF LEATHER, FORMED FROM THE HIDE OF THE LIVING!” said the ghast.
“Yes, I’m quite proud of them.” answered the wight, “Mistress gave them to me. She’s really good to us.”
“IT INCREASES MY DESIRE TO DIG MY FANGS INTO THE SKIN OF MORTALS!” replied the ghast. They headed into a room that had a sign on the door saying “Kitchen for Undead”. “All right, let’s see who’s in the pantry.” said the wight, “I’m actually peckish myself.” They unlocked the pantry and opened the door pulling out a rather terrified looking human male. The ghast took a bite and the human was instantly paralyzed. “YOU MAY FEED FROM THE OTHER SIDE!” he said. If he still had a working circulatory system, the wight would have blushed. “Thank you.” he said and he began chewing on the other arm. It was enjoyable and the company was pleasant as well. He knew that this was the beginning of something special.

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