Xykon-doll wished that he could help his mistress. She was obviously very stressed by the work that she was doing in interpreting the ritual. However, being inanimate meant that all he could do was be cuddled by her. Not that he didn’t enjoy that, he loved the fact that he could comfort her and bring a smile to her face. He wanted to help her in other ways though. If only there was a way to let someone know that he wanted to be animated. He pondered this desperately as he lay in her bed. Suddenly a bright light filled the room and what appeared to be a clown puppet appeared. “I am Banjo, God of Puppets.” announced the apparition, “I’ve also taken the position of God of Stuffed Toys as nobody appeared to be filling that position. Therefore, Xykon-doll, I have heard your prayers and your care and concern has touched me. Therefore, I feel inclined to grant your request.” Banjo breathed on Xykon-doll and the stuffed skeleton realized that he could move. “Thank you!” he cried, “How can I repay you, my god?”
“Well here’s the thing,” began Banjo, “The only other member of my pantheon is my brother and my high priest has been getting a lot of action. Therefore, I’ve spent a large portion of my existence rather horny with no way of um, dealing with it. That’s where you come in, I’ll let you keep this gift, if you help me out in that department.” Xykon-doll blinked in astonishment, this was a lot to take in in a short time and technically his life had only begun less than a minute ago. “Well,” he finally answered, “if I get to help my mistress, then it’s worth it, besides it might be fun to bed a god.”

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