Durkon/Death Knight

“Thor’s might!” said a muffled voice from above the dragon head. The death knight lifted the decaying body part off of himself to see what he had missed. The wizard had gone unfortunately but he saw a vision of wonder in the form of a giant dwarf crushing a group of hobgoblins under his hammer. “Undead!” he cried as he saw me and reached for his holy symbol. “Please don’t turn me.” begged the death knight, “or at least not yet. You are so large and magnificent that I must be with you. To be destroyed afterwards would be worth it.” The dwarf considered his statement with before lowering his hammer and declaring, “Aye, ‘tis me duty ter honour a final reques’.” As he knelt down and pressed his lips upon the knight’s skull.

Lying with the now normal sized dwarf the death knight remarked, “That was even better than with my wife” The dwarf sat bolt upright and yelled, “Yer married!”
“Well,” answered the death knight, “my death has pretty much already parted.”
“An, instead of spendin’ the extra time tha’ ye’v bin given wit her, ya go off invadin’ cities an’ shackin’ up wit the firs’ dwarf ya see!” responded the dwarf, “Why is it tha all the people I sleep wit are already married?” With that he grabbed his armour and ran off. “Psssst. Over here!” said another voice. When the knight investigated, he found that it belonged to a female dwarf with long, blonde pigtails. “He rejected me the same way, the hypocrite.” said this new dwarf, “When I returned to dwarf lands I discovered that he has a wife of his own. I’ve been following him and planned to confront him but I’ve discovered another form of revenge that will be good for both of us!” With that she slipped her hand under his robe.
“Ooooh, that is good” responded the death knight.

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