Dragon's Hoard/Jephton/Haerta/Ganneron

“Well,” said Lee, “it looks like we have some souls to collect.”
“Great,” replied Cedric, “it’s not like we have don’t have anything better to do.”
“Maybe instead of looking for them,” suggested Nero, “we could lure them back here.”
“With what?” asked Lee.
“They should still have some lingering effects of being bound to the elf.” answered Nero, “We could offer them an opportunity for more revenge.”
“But Tiamat isn’t exactly thrilled with us at the moment,” Lee reasoned, “she isn’t going to let us use dragon souls as bargaining chips.”
“You have a point there.” sighed Nero.
“Wait,” said Cedric, “maybe it could work after we’ve made a couple of adjustments.”
“What do you mean?” asked Nero.
“Didn’t the elf believe that this started with the stealing of the dragon’s hoard?” Cedric asked, “Well, that impression may have stuck with our escapees and as the hoard was destroyed and the dragons who owned it are now in the lower plains, we should be able to manifest the spirit of the hoard.” Lee and Nero stared at him incredulously.
“You know,” said Nero, “the elf is crazy enough to mean it might work.”

Jephton, Haerta and Ganneron were flinging multiple destructive spells at the large pile of coins, gems and equipment back in the lower plains. “This is all your fault!” screamed Ganneron.
“Inky is gone!” cried Haerta.
“I like blowing things up.” proclaimed Jephton. Suddenly, however, they started seeing the hoard differently. It gave them freedom and allowed them to spend time in the body of that elf. How they missed being with that elf. Snuggling in among the coins was almost like being with the elf again. Now, if they could just remove these restrictive clothes, it would be like they were free once more.

The three fiends' eyes’ were stretched very widely. “Okay,” said Cedric, “I confess that I didn’t see that coming, but at least we’ve got them back.”

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