Ghouls/Belkar (Part 2)

“Now remember,” began Tsukiko, “I have ways of making you talk, so let’s skip the lies. First question. How did you end up in that situation with the ghouls?”
“The prick of an elf cast a stupid spell on me.” answered Belkar bitterly. Tsukiko froze. Was this it? Was this the spell she had heard of? “Prepared, or from a scroll?” asked Tsukiko. “From a scroll.” answered Belkar. If it was from a scroll, the wizard may have had more. “Alright, take him back to the dungeon for now.” she ordered the nearest hobgoblin. She rushed over to the belongings that had been confiscated from the adventuring party and began to search through the wizard’s pack. Unfortunately, the wizard had written explosive runes on some of objects within, but eventually, she found what she was looking for. She grabbed the scroll and rushed off to Xykon’s room. She opened the scroll and read, “Desirable to undead” before knocking on the door.

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