Hieronymus Grubwiggler/The Eye of Fear and Flame

“Yes, Giro, I’ve done it!” yelled Hieronymus Grubwiggler triumphantly, “I have developed a new method of changing gender using the body-parts of corpses!” she looked down at her new body and smiled. A real mad-scientist always tests on himself, or herself now. Before she could do any celebrating, however, Belkar Bitterleaf suddenly dropped on her. “You!” cried Hieronymus.
“Yes,” smiled Belkar, “I’m back baby!” and he pulled out his daggers and pressed one to her throat. “Please,” begged Hieronymus, “don’t kill me. I’ll do anything!”
“Hmmm,” thought Belkar, “that reminds me of someone. That gives me an idea!” He pulled out a skull and said, “I want you to make out with this skull for my entertainment.”

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