Hobgoblin General/Roy’s Sword/Roy’s Archon/Person in Distress

“Mwahahaha” laughed the hobgoblin general as he dangled Roy’s sword over the pool of boiling lava. “Soon you will have melted to nothing!”
“Oh no!” cried Roy’s Archon, “Roy needs his sword to defeat Xykon! I have to save it!”
*Insert Superman theme song*
Roy’s Archon flew at the hobgoblin general’s eyes. “Take that, you minion of evil!” he cried. “Aaaaaaargh!” screamed the hobgoblin general and he fell backwards and dropped the sword. “You…you’re so bright and sparkly and beautiful.” said the hobgoblin general, “I have seen the error of my ways. Let’s kiss and make up.” He then hugged the sword and the archon to his chest and began kissing them.

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