Haley decided that it was time to check out the taverns in this small town. The others were busy shopping, with the exception of Elan, who was at the temple trying to get Banjo into the Northern Pantheon.

She opened the door of the tavern and walked in. Sitting on one of the bar stools was a familiar-looking drow. “Zz’dtri!” she snarled, “What are you doing here? I thought that the lawyers took you away.”
“Not hard to escape.” answered Zz’dtri.
“Where is the rest of your party?” asked Haley.
“Not with them anymore.” answered Zz’dtri.
“Why should I believe you?” asked Haley.
“Not necessary.” answered Zz’dtri. “Your belief doesn’t affect me. Nale won’t accept me back now that you know how to defeat me.”
“Is he that petty?” asked Haley.
“You’ve seen what he’s like.” answered Zz’dtri.
“That doesn’t answer why you’re here though.” said Haley.
“Closest town.” answered Zz’dtri, “Not many other places to go. Party has abandoned me. Already left underdark. Taverns are good places to forget loneliness.”
“I can understand that.” said Haley.
“Party abandoned you too?” asked Zz’dtri.
“No,” answered Haley, “but I can’t share everything with them…and I also get lonely.”
“You want company they can’t give?” asked Zz’dtri. Haley thought of Elan.
“Yes.” she answered, “I do. Is it the same with you?”
“Been several years since I left the underdark.” began Zz’dtri, “Drow are not known for romance. Still miss serving a female though.”
“Are you renting a room here?” asked Haley.
“Yes.” answered Zz’dtri, “Why?”
“Because in that case, maybe we can help each other.” smiled Haley.

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