”It’s a good thing that you and your team came back when you did.” said the headmaster of Warthogs, “Your sister has been behaving more unusual everyday. We’ve been quite worried about her.”
At this Roy hastened his footsteps and he heard Haley cry, “Hey wait for us, just because the one with the shortest legs is no longer with us doesn’t mean we can go charging down the corridors.”
“Aye,” said Durkon, “We be glad ta help out yer family as it be yer duty but I be clanging mightily at this speed.” and indeed he was. “Alright,” said Roy, “I suppose this is a school.” And they slowed to a walk.
“She’s in there.” The headmaster indicated pointing through a door. They all gaped in astonishment at the sight that met them. At first none of them could believe that it was Julia, but they recognized her voice even through the accent she was attempting to use. “It be yer duty ter listen ta tha gods.” she said to the pupils in front of her who continued to walk past as if they had become used to this scene. No longer in her usual attire, she had covered every patch of skin below the neck in drab grey clothing, around her neck was a symbol of Thor and to top it off, she was wearing a fake beard. She carried a book in each hand. One was titled, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Dwarves but Were to Afraid to Ask” and the other was titled “Dwarf Culture for Dummies and Elves”. She also appeared to be trying to walk with a stoop to make herself seem shorter. At that point she seemed to notice them as she ran straight toward them. Roy instinctively reached out to hug his sister who clearly needed him, but she ran straight past him and flung her arms around Durkon. “Oh, Durkon,” she cried, “Thank Thor you’re back I’ve been trying all this time to become the perfect woman for you. Please tell me that I am now good enough to be with you.”

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