“Tree!” yelled Durkon, “Git back, ah’ll pirtect ye!” He ran in front of the order and up to the palm that had caught his attention. “Thor might!” he yelled. With that, the W.W.T.D. on His holy symbol began to glow ominously and His eye’s began to swirl. “What’s happening?” asked Haley.
“Ah shall smite this pitiful tree!” yelled Dukon, “Lightning!” A lightning bolt struck the tree, leaving it blackened with ash. “Perhaps it’s time for Durkon to get more character development.” suggested Elan.
“Somehow, I doubt that.” answered Roy.
“Ah mus celebrate mah victree, by assertin’ mah virility and wooin’ women.” announced Durkon. “Er, don’t look at me.” replied Haley, “I’m with Elan.”
“Ah shall haft a look elsewhere.” said Durkon and He headed off between the many tents of Sandsedge. “While I am relatively unfamiliar with divine magic,” announced Vaarsuvius, “it appears that the discrepancy in the dwarf’s behaviour initiated upon his failure to annunciate the “apostrophe s” when casting “Thor’s might”. Further credence to my hypothesis can be supplied by the fact that the typical effect of “Thor’s might” was not activated upon this occasion and the fact that he left out the reference to his deity when casting “Thor’s lightning”.”

Durkon soon arrived at the lizardfolk brothel that Belkar and Roy had previously discovered. “Here be the place fir what ah need.” He said.
“What’ll it be, dear?” asked the first lizardfolk.
“Ah’ll three of yeh,” answered Durkon, “’cause that be what Thor might do.”

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