More than Just Duty (Part 1)

Finally the will of the gods has become clear to me. Lord Shojo has asked me to join the Sapphire guard and my training is now complete. I shall fulfill my destiny and serve the forces of good. Lord Shojo has brought me to meet the other members of the guard. I hope that they are as dedicated to their duties to the Twelve as I am. There are so many people here. The monastery was never this crowded. I wonder if Lord Hinjo is up to performing his duties to the Guard along with those of an heir. Yet with all these people, there is one whom demands my attention. I find myself fascinated by her…and…dare I think it…attracted. Is it appropriate for a paladin to think such things of a colleague? I wonder why she wears that blindfold. Lord Shojo’s cat ordered me to “get to know” the other members of the guard. I’ve already been introduced to O-Chul, but perhaps I should introduce myself to this intriguing woman.

“Greetings, I am…”
“Miko Miyazaki.” she interrupted, “I am glad to finally meet you in the physical world. My name is Sangwaan. To answer the questions that you were considering asking me, I wear this blindfold as I am blind and prefer to cover my eyes. I also happen to be a diviner which is how I knew who you are and what you wanted to say. I have already requested that Lord Shojo assign you as my partner as I believe that we will work well together.” I am astounded. Truly the gods must be on our side to provide us with such a potent source of intelligence gathering. It appears that this individual is more than a pretty face. Knowledge is certainly useful in purging the world of evil. This is why the gods give us paladins the ability to detect evil. “I am flattered by your trust in my abilities.” I say politely, “All my successes are gifts from the gods.”

I have been summoned to appear before Lord Shojo. “Miko,” he says, “it is time for your first mission. Mr. Scruffy has assigned you Sangwaan as a partner at her request. I want you to listen to her. She is wise and talented in mission planning. She has already been briefed. I want you to meet her in her room to discuss her plans.”
“Your will is my own, Lord Shojo” I answer.

“So that’s the plan.” finishes Sangwaan. Being with her in her room is making me feel rather flustered. I must concentrate on the plan. That is what is important here. Lord Shojo was right about Sangwaan’s talent in planning missions. Not that I ever doubted the word of our rightful lord appointed by the gods themselves. Sangwaan has thought this out very well and it is clear where her loyalties lie. Her concern for the mission is inspiring and motivates me further. I do not simply want to impress her. This is the will of the gods. “You have placed a lot of care and thought into this plan.” I say attempting to compliment her, “By the will of the Twelve gods, we shall be victorious!”

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