More than Just Duty (Part 2)

Another goblin uprising crushed. Another successful mission. Once again I would be dead were it not for Sangwaan’s gift of strategy given to her by the gods. How many times has she saved my life now? I am not certain. Only the gods can be sure. My blades are covered in goblin blood. They must be cleaned. I return to the tent. Sangwaan is undressing. Her breasts are so firm and round. I must stop thinking of her this way. Wait, what is that? “You’re injured.” I say as I stare at the arrow wound in her side.
“It’s not serious like your injuries were.” answers Sangwaan.
“I have larger hit dice.” I reply, “Part of my duty is to protect you yet more often it is you who protect me. I can still lay on hands. Let me help you.”
“Very well.” she answers and lifts her arms for better access. I touch her and restore her hit points. Her skin is soft and smooth. I am blushing as I realize how close I am to her breasts. “You still find me attractive.” comments Sangwaan.
“What?” I say.
“I’m a diviner.” she answers, “I know how you feel about me, despite how you try to deny it. At first I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t merely a crush. I couldn’t respond as you were still a little young for me. Yet your attraction towards me has only increased. I admire your dedication and strength. I could really benefit from having a girlfriend like you and I believe that you could benefit from having one like me.” She kisses me. Would the gods declare this as wrong if they had made it feel so right?

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