More than Just Duty (Part 3)

“Finally, remember that we want him alive.” finishes Sangwaan.
“I don’t understand.” I say, “Isn’t he a necrocarnate?”
“Yes.” Sangwaan answers.
“And they get their power by torturing good souls.” I say.
“Yes.” Sangwaan responds.
“Then how does such an individual deserve anything other than death?” I ask.
“Everyone deserves a chance at redemption,” Sangwaan responds, “but that is not why we need him. He still has a part to play in shaping the destiny of this world.”
“It still seems wrong to allow so heinous an individual to live.” I say.
“Don’t worry about it, dear.” she says, “Just come to bed.”

I stand victorious over my foe. I am covered in blood but my katana points at his throat. “You have been defeated.” I say, “Now you will accompany us to Azure City, where you will receive a fair trial.” He is laughing. I don’t understand. Why would one laugh at his own defeat? “Why are you laughing?” I ask.
“I know your laws.” he says, “Do you really think that I will be convicted after I destroyed the evidence? Your little “organization” is secret from the public. They can’t use your testimony.” Is he right? Will he go unpunished fro his unnatural crimes against the gods? “Of course, I can still have a lot of fun while I’m awaiting trial.” he continues, “I wonder if I’ve used any of your friends or family?” This individual is utterly despicable. How can he be allowed to live? “Of course paladins souls are quite fun to torture, but they’re rather weak.” He must pay for his insolence! “Of course it’s a real pity that I didn’t manage to kill your wizard friend. I think that I could have got a lot of mileage out of her.”
“Smite evil!” I cry as I slash open his neck.

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