More than Just Duty (Part 4)

“I don’t know why you’re so upset about it. He deserved death. You heard what he said. I couldn’t leave him unpunished.” I say.
“You disobeyed my orders.” says Sangwaan, “I thought that you’d learned to trust me, but no, Miko knows better than the wizard whom has magical access to hidden knowledge. It so happens that that we have a prisoner that needed to witness the depths to witch evil will sink before she was willing to listen to us. Now I don’t know if we can turn her from the dangerous path which she is undertaking. I’ll have to report your disobedience to the guard.”
“Look Sangwaan, I can’t let evil just…” I begin.
“Save it.” she interrupts, “It’s my job to think of the future. By disobeying me you have provided opportunities for more evil to entrench itself.” I don’t think that she’ll talk to me for the rest of the journey back to Azure City.

“And then she killed him.” says Sangwaan. Her report to the rest of the Sapphire Guard has not painted me in a good light. “Of course I suppose that asking Miko to show a little restraint in a place other than the bedroom is too much to ask.” How dare she bring our personal life into this. “That was uncalled for!” I say.
“Oh yes,” Sangwaan answers, “Miko knows best. Miko is the only valued servant of the Twelve Gods. Miko is the only one who can see their plans. Anyone who disagrees with Miko must be smote.”
“Calm yourselves, both of you.” says Lord Shojo but I will not be calmed and apparently, neither will Sangwaan. “I will not be with someone who refuses to trust me.” She says, “You and I are through!”
“Fine by me!” I say, “Lord Shojo, I request that my partnership with this wizard be ended.”
“I concur.” answers Sangwaan.
“Mr. Scruffy thinks that that would be best. Says Lord Shojo. Now Sangwaan. About that prisoner that had your concern. I have decided that she deserves a light sentence. You said that she could be swayed to our side with the proper environment. Lord Kubota has requested permission to hire her. He says that he could use a half-orc member of staff and that she has skills that he will find useful. Is this acceptable?”
“I suppose so.” she answers but continues to mumble, “What’s the point in checking if those you care about most don’t listen to you?”

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