More than Just Duty (Part 5)

These adventurers may be corrupt and greedy with little concern for the immaterial, yet if what they say is true, then their efforts were truly for a noble goal. I really wish to trust the dwarf, yet trust is not something that I easily give to other mortals. They certainly grate on my nerves, especially the elf and the halfling. Perhaps that is a side-benefit of being forced to stay in a private room. That I can spend my time alone but for the gods, away from these adventurers, where I can meditate and pray freely. If what these adventurers say is true, then why didn’t Sangwaan inform us? She merely stated that they had destroyed Dorukan’s Gate. Of course, in recent years, Sangwaan has become more half-hearted in her predictions. It seems that she cannot cope with the loneliness of our separation as well as I can. I have learned that the best way to deal with evil is to strike hard, fast and thoroughly, leaving no foothold for it to gain. That is something that Sangwaan never understood. Of course, I am used to being alone from my time at the monastery. Still, the company of these adventurers has reminded me of what it was like to work as a team. Perhaps this is why I am thinking about Sangwaan …missing her…No, that is over! I have seen that no more good can come of that relationship …or have I? Greenhilt’s advances have stirred up the memories of what it was like to be the object of another’s affection. Of course, Sangwaan was more subtle and less crude. Greenhilt may be attractive, but unless he learns maturity in his treatment of the opposite sex, he will never compare with Sangwaan. If the Twelve Gods have decided that my time with Sangwaan is all the romance that I will be allowed in this life, then I must live with that. Yet the gods are kind and good, perhaps there is another that they have planned for me to be with. Then I can truly forget about Sangwaan.

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