Pit Fiend/Zz'dtri

As the junk sailed into the distance, a drow in a pink and white dress crawled out from the bushes. His hair was dishevelled and the lace and frills were torn. “Break enchantment.” said the drow when he reached the massive tombstone.
“Aaaaaargh!” cried the statue that was now definitely not made of stone, “Someone carved words into my chest!” However, he quickly noticed the figure at his feet and asked, “Did you free me?”
“Yes.” replied the drow.
“Why?” asked the former statue, “and why are you wearing that dress?”
“Dress was required to escape from lawyers. Still on run. Need outsider assistance to avoid recapture.” answered the drow.
“Ah, I see.” came the reply, “But I’m a devil. I’m not going to help someone for free.”
“What payment is required?” asked the drow.
“Oh, I’m sure that we can work something out.” answered the devil as he kneeled down and reached for the drow.

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