Haley sat thinking to herself. She had pulled off many amazing and legendary heists, yet she had never outdone the time she had stolen a 10, 000 gp diamond from her past self on the cast page. She was also lonely. It had been years since Elan died and she needed male companionship. “I’ve got it!” she suddenly exclaimed, “I’ll pull off a heist that blows all my previous ones out of the water! I’ll steal a man from beyond the fourth wall!”

Sereg sat at his computer browsing the Giant in the Playground website. “It’s a pity that The Order of the Stick is over.” he thought. Suddenly a three fingered hand reached through his screen, grabbed him and pulled him back through.

Sereg stared at Haley and pointed. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” he yelled.
“You don’t have to get carried away.” said Haley, “I just need a man.”
“Somehow, something seems wrong with sleeping with webcomic characters.” answered Sereg. “Just take off your clothes before I take them off for you.” said Haley. “I seriously…” began Sereg when he noticed that his clothes were in her hand. “I…How did you…?” started Sereg as he tried to cover himself up.
“Epic level rogue.” answered Haley, “Now to business.” With that she began to kiss him.

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