Sereg wondered why he had swum out so far to sea. He was never a strong swimmer. That was a strength based skill and therefore something his sister was far better at. He was drowning. Of all the ways that he could die, he didn’t want it to be this. He was panicking from the lack of oxygen. Not being able to breath always terrified him. How long had it been since he had been sucked down that weird whirlpool. He didn’t know. Something grabbed him. Someone riding a shark. Was that even safe? He lost consciousness.

He awoke to find a woman’s lips pressed against his own. She got up as he coughed and said, “Excellent, my lay on hands won’t work on the dead.” With that she placed her hands on his chest and muttered, “Lay on hands.” His wounds sealed and he felt a lot better. “Thanks.” he said, “How did you…?”
“No thanks necessary,” she responded, “I checked if you were evil and seeing that you weren’t, I was glad to help.”
“You checked…?” began Sereg.
“Of course,” answered Lien, “I’m good, not dumb.” Sereg looked more closely at his rescuer. She appeared to be quite athletic and while he normally preferred people’s natural hair colours, for some reason, her blue hair seemed natural for her. She was also wearing armour. It was nice to meet someone else who appreciated medieval history, but how had she swum while wearing it? He got up. “There has to be some way that I can thank my rescuer.” said Sereg, “Maybe I could take you out for coffee.”
“Alright,” said the blue-haired woman, “I know just the place.”
“Um, right now I don’t have my cash on me.” said Sereg, “Maybe after I’ve got my stuff back.”
“Don’t worry dear,” she said, “I’m pretty sure that wealth by level favours me in that regard.” What did that mean? She walked him into the city. It appeared that just about everything was blue here. How far had he travelled?

They settled into the coffee shop. “A cup of tea and a glass of water with ice but no lemon.” ordered Sereg.
“A cup of coffee, for me.” said the blue-haired women. “I thought that you might not want to see anymore water after that.” she smirked.
“It’s pretty much the only thing I drink.” responded Sereg.
“Well, I like it when people can appreciate water.” said the woman.
“By the way,” said Sereg, “is there a place around here where I can make a call to let my family know were I am and that I’m safe?”
“You mean a sending?” asked the women.
“Um, I guess.” answered Sereg.
“Sure,” said the woman, “I’ll show you.” Sereg noticed that he had been given green tea. He supposed that he shouldn’t be surprised with the number of people of Asian descent around here but it was quite a shock. When they had finished their drinks, a waiter had come over and said, “That’ll be two coppers please.”
The woman handed over a silver coin and said, “Keep the change.” Since when did tea and coffee come to less than a five rand coin? The woman lead Sereg to a shop which announced that it sold magic scrolls. Upon seeing the sign, Sereg stopped dead in his tracks and asked, “Um, by the way, where exactly are we?”
“Azure City, Southern Continent, I am Lien and I’ll be your guide.” she responded. Sereg’s jaw had dropped. “Um,” he said, “I don’t think that a sending will help, but I’ll need a place to stay.”
“No problem,” she said, “you can stay at my place.”
“Is that appropriate?” asked Sereg.
“Of course!” answered Lien, “Paladins should show hospitality to non-evil people. By the way, what do they call you?”
“I’m called many things Lien, but I think that you should call me Sereg.”
“Really?” she teased, “Are the others embarrassing?”
“Some of them.” answered Serg.
“Like?” pressed Lien.
“Well,” answered Sereg, “my sister used to call me Googalooks at one point.” With that they both started laughing.

They talked well into the night whilst sitting on one of Lien’s sofas. They leaned in closer and began to kiss. Sereg gasped. “What is it?” asked Lien.
“Well, I’d normally think that this was moving too fast, but I suppose that technically we’ve already kissed and had a first date.” With that he leaned forward and kissed her again.

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