“I cannot allow you to seal the rift.” said the cloaked figure to The Order of the Scribble, “It allows me to use my magic across worlds. Let me demonstrate. George’s Summon Human from an Alternative Prime Material Plane.” With that a human in shorts and a T-shirt appeared and collapsed on the floor.

After defeating George, the wizard and sealing the rift, The Order looked at the human, who was still unconscious. “I should handle this.” said Lirian, “Cure light wounds.” The man awoke and stared at Lirian. “Where…where am I?” he asked, “You’re…you’re an elf!”
“Yes.” she said, “You were magically transported from another world. I am Lirian. Who are you?”
“You can call me Sereg.” he answered, “How do I get home?” Lirian looked at Sereg and thought to herself how much she liked human nerds as this one obviously was. “I have a spell that should work,” she began slowly, “but it requires us to sleep together.”
“What?!” yelled Sereg, “Are you serious?”
“Of course,” said Lirian, “I am a druid. This will allow me to celebrate nature and restore my powers necessary to help you.”
“Alright.” sighed Sereg.

After sending him off Serini walked up to Lirian and asked, “You didn’t actually have to sleep with him did you?”
“Of course not.” answered Lirian”

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