Sereg awoke in the slave holding cells. Was the world that he believed that he had come from, merely a dream, a pleasant interlude from the back-breaking work and the constant whipping from the hobgoblin generals? His skin was lighter than that typical of a Southerner, yet for some reason, he knew that he came from the far South. He certainly didn’t enjoy having that skin now, as it burnt in the sun more than anybody else’s and being slow with a strength score of 3 didn’t help either. He was an expert. He belonged in research. He wasn’t cut out for hard labor.

Once again, the day’s work was a painful nightmare. His stomach growled and the sores on his back stung. Tsukiko had arrived just in time to see him stumble again. He glared at her with venom. He really hated tyranny and to him those who created undead were the worst tyrants of all. She had turned against her own people and profited from their suffering. Physically, he found her rather attractive, with being slightly on the short side and young-looking with that brunette hair in cute pigtails, not to mention the heterochromia. He had however, decided that physically attractive women were not in short supply and that he required a potential girlfriend to have a personality that he didn’t find repulsive. “What’s wrong with this slave?” she asked the hobgoblins indicating Sereg. “He is weak and pitiful.” answered the hobgoblin captain. Tsukiko walked over and gave Sereg a closer look. “Yes,” she said, “I see he’s pretty skinny and doesn’t have much in the way of muscles. I suppose he isn’t very useful here. Maybe I could find a better use for him.” Sereg didn’t like the sound of that. He didn’t think that optimism was appropriate in these situations and wondered what horrors she had in store for him. “Suit yourself.” answered the captain and he clapped Sereg back into his manacles before handing them to Tsukiko.

Tsukiko had led him back to the castle and ordered him to lie down on a table. “Now let’s see,” she mused, “how to make sure that you don’t move. I know!” She pulled out a dagger and stabbed it through his hand, pinning him to the table. “Eeaargh!” cried Sereg and his eyes watered from the pain. Tsukiko stepped back and cried, “Perfect! Electric orb!” Sereg squealed in pain and then it was over. Tsukiko walked up to his corpse, undid his manacles and removed the dagger. “Animate dead!” she cried. As Sereg arose she said, “Now, let’s go to my bedroom, honey.”
“Braaaaiiins.” answered Sereg.

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