Vaarsuvius lifted her head from her glass of elven wine to see a tall skinny stranger walk into the bar. He appeared to have never met a comb before and the desret sun had reddened his skin in all places not covered by a freckle. He sat down next to her. “A cup of tea and a glass of water with ice but no lemon.” ordered the stranger.
“That is a rather unusual order for one to make at an establishment such as this one.” she commented. “Yeah, but I really don’t like alcohol.” said the stranger, “I find it too bitter. I’ve got a pretty sensitive sense of taste and even worked as a glorified taster at one point. Plus I think I have a psychological block to it from when I was a child. Long story.” he replied.
“The hue of your skin suggests that you are not from the western continent.” continued Vaarsuvius, “Are you an adventurer?”
“No,” he replied, “just an expert. I have no idea how I got here. I’m Sereg by the way.”
“My name is Vaarsuvius.” she replied. After talking for a while Vaarsuvius announced, “This is interesting. Your body language suggests that you find my intellect and appearance highly attractive yet are too afraid to proceed with courtship. Is this true?”
“Um,…well…yes.” answered Sereg.
“Do you want me or not?” asked Vaarsuvius.
“Just because I want something, doesn’t mean that I think that it’s a good idea.” answered Sereg. “You sound rather similar to my familiar.” answered Vaarsuvius, “However, I feel lonely since my divorce and I desire to be desired. Charm person.” Sereg’s eyes began to swirl. “You will not worry about what is a good idea.” said Vaarsuvius, “You will treat me the way that you wish to treat me. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Mistress.” answered Sereg and Vaarsuvius led him to her room.

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