Tsukiko/Crypt Thing

Tsukiko stepped down from the stairs as her heterochromatic eyes adjusted to the darkness. She loved exploring tombs. There where so many hot corpses to check out. As she stepped into the room, however, a skeleton in a robe with red, glowing eye-sockets arose. “You shall not defile this tomb.” it said, “Teleport.”

Tsukiko found herself back in the upper level. “A crypt thing.” she said, “At least he only teleported me to the previous level and not into the ocean or something.” She headed back down the stairs. The crypt thing arose again, but before it could teleport her again, she said “Stop! I’m not a grave-robber. I love the dead. In fact, I was hoping that I could spend the night with you.” The crypt thing seemed surprised at this declaration, but it lowered its hand and said, “I have been quite lonely. Very well.” Tsukiko walked up to the crypt thing and began to kiss it. Then she removed its robe and stared at the size and shape of its pelvis. “Huh, you’re a woman.” she commented, “Works for me.”

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