Thog/Miko (Part 1)

Miko encouraged windstriker to move at full gallop. They were almost at Azure City. Suddenly, she noticed a group of travelers in her way. “Stop!” yelled the blond traveler. So she dismounted and walked over to him to find out why he had stopped her. “Web!” he cried and Miko found herself trapped in a mess of sticky silk.

“Let me pass, you fiends!” Miko snarled.
“Hey!” answered Nale we’re just looking for a new party member. We’re not up to anything sinister.”
“Then why do you have an orc with you?” asked Miko.
“My good friend Thog here is only half-orc.” answered Nale, “They are a standard PC race, capable of any alignment remember.” Miko did remember that and began to look more closely at Thog. She could now see the evidence of his human blood, yet his green skin, fangs and muscular build seemed to add to it in a highly attractive way and she began to feel things that she thought were improper for a paladin of the Sapphire Guard. Yet she could not help these feelings and began to stare at the chest of this magnificent creature.
“thog happy he has cootie shot,” said Thog, “’cause blue cape girl very pretty.”
Miko began to blush. She found his lack of articulation endearing. “Anyway,” continued Nale, “a paladin would be good for our opposite theme. You see we need a new member to stop a chaotic evil halfling ranger/barbarian.”
“I will smite evil in whatever form it takes.” said Miko, “Who is this halfling.”
“His name is Belkar Bitterleaf and he is from The Order of the Stick.”
“I will be glad to smite that bane of existence.” answered Miko.
“Then you are now one of us.” replied Nale.

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