Thog/Miko (Part 2)

After Nale dismissed the web spell, Miko said, “I have an urgent message for Lord Shojo. The Order of the Stick should still be in the city as well. We should leave immediately.” Nale did not think that it was a good idea for Miko to enter the city and possibly discover that they were escaped criminals so he suggested, “If it’s so urgent, perhaps we can provide a faster way. My friend Pompey here has several scrolls of sending. That would be a faster method than riding.”
“Lord Shojo’s throne room is protected from such magic,” answered Miko, “but perhaps your friend could contact Lord Hinjo instead.”
“Wouldn’t the message seem more reliable coming from you?” asked Nale.
“But if I fail my use magic device roll, the scroll will simply blow up in my face!” exclaimed Miko.
“Well,” answered Nale, “paladins have a lot of hit points and we have a lot of scrolls.”

Hinjo ran back towards the Throne room. If the Linear Guild had escaped as Haley had claimed, then he had to inform his uncle. “Lord Hinjo,” came a familiar voice. He looked up to see a transparent image of Miko with ash covering her face. She appeared to be using a magic item to communicate with him. “Miko?” he asked. Her form was following him, so he didn’t bother to stop.
“The Order lied. Xykon lives and is less than a day away with a hobgoblin army.”
“What?” he asked, “But the early warning beacons…”
“Destroyed.” answered Miko. They had reached the throne room and began to hear voices.
“I rule a city where I have to fake senility just to avoid being assassinated.” said one.

“I’d hate to think all those perfectly good lies were for naught.” finished the voice.
“Did you…?” asked Hinjo.
“Shojo betrayed us!” snarled Miko.
“Calm down Miko.” said Hinjo. “I’ll deal with this problem. You can’t go in after all. Are you closer to the city than Xykon?”
“Yes.” answered Miko.
“Good.” Hinjo replied. “Stay there out of his sight for now. We may need you there. I’ll send you further instructions if necessary.”
“Very well.” answered Miko and she winked out of sight.

“I am required to stay here to defend my city.” declared Miko to the rest of the Linear guild.
“Then we may as well make camp.” replied Nale.

That night Miko stared into the fire alone thinking about the situation in witch she had found herself. “is blue cape girl scared?” asked a voice. Miko turned around to see Thog. “Paladins don’t feel fear,” answered Miko, “but I am worried for my city.”
“thog good at fighting armies.” replied Thog, “thog like to protect puppies. thog protect city for you.” Miko smiled at that.
“Thank you Thog.” she answered, “That makes me feel better.”
“thog happy blue cape girl feel better.” said Thog, “thog like blue cape girl. thog want to pet blue cape girl like puppy.” Miko leaned into Thog and replied, “I think that I’d like that too.”

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