Thog/Miko (Part 3)

Miko watched as the hordes of hobgoblins prepared for battle. She saw the catapults fire the elementals at the walls and how they were breached. “The walls have failed!” she cried. Then she noticed a red-clad figure dismissing the elementals. “It’s the elf from the Order of the Stick!” she exclaimed. Hinjo had clearly not understood her message. The Order were agents of the evil Xykon. They would aid Xykon in taking the city! They had to be stopped.

Hobgoblins and undead headed for the breaches. She had to aid in the city’s defense. “Nale, I’m heading to the walls!” she yelled and ran towards the opening. “Prepare for battle horde of evil!” she screeched as she drew her katana and wakizashi and ran into their midst. These soldiers were far below her level. She cut a path through them easily, but she was still being injured. After one such injury she heard a voice cry, “you hurt blue cape girl! thog like blue cape girl! thog rage!” A blur of green swept past her and dismembered limbs and heads went flying through the air. Thog was doing this for her. She felt touched but before she could do anything else, Xykon appeared over the wall, riding a dragon. After killing Sangwaan, his partner Greenhilt had jumped aboard. “Thog I’ve got to get into the city!” Miko yelled.
“thog come with you!” he replied. The breach was guarded by giant soldiers whom were picking off the hobgoblins as if they were nothing. At least that seemed to be working, but wait, next to the breach there was, …another Xykon? Some kind of demonic trickery was at work here. The other Xykon rode his undead steed through the breach and decapitated the soldiers. Her duty was clear.

By the time she cut her way though to the breach, only this Xykon and his minion, the wicked elf, were left. She had to avenge her people. “Smite evil!” she cried bringing down her katana onto his skull.
“Ow!” he yelled, “Ooh, a paladin. This will be good. And I see you’ve brought someone else with you. Excellent. More lives to slay.” Miko turned and saw Thog enter the breach. He was still fighting for her. She ran up to him and cried, “No, Thog! It’s too dangerous! This is my duty!”
“How touching.” sneered the Xykon near the elf.
“You are on first name terms with the idiot half-orc?” questioned the elf.
“None of your business, minion of evil!” snarled Miko.
“I find this highly ironic, yet I fail to appreciate it.” the elf commented. Suddenly a dragon’s head fell from the sky and crushed this Xykon. “A miracle from the twelve gods!” gasped Miko. “Now I only have to deal with you!” The elf was starring at the sky and said, “I believe that there are other problems of a more immediate concern.” before pointing up. Another Xykon was flying towards the castle. “He’s heading for the throne room!” gasped Miko and she ran after him.
“thog come with you!” came a voice from behind.

“Lord Shojo!” exclaimed O-Chul from the throne room, “How did you get here?”
“The prisons are destroyed.” answered Shojo, “It was easy to escape. I am not going to sit in prison while the gate is at risk. I am going to sit on my throne and if Xykon kills me, perhaps it will have delayed him a little and I don’t have much of a life left anyway, being an old man in prison. Now stand aside, all of you, so I can sit down.”

Miko was worried. The path that she had originally chosen through the castle was blocked by debris and they had to take another route. It had significantly delayed them. When they arrived at the throne room she saw the traitorous Lord Shojo covered in blood and surrounded by the bodies of dead paladins. O-Chul was poised to strike the gate but for some reason wasn’t moving. Then she heard the voice of Xykon. They were defeated! “Thog, smash the gem in the throne, now!” she ordered. “No, don’t Miko!” groaned the obviously critically wounded Shojo, but Thog’s axe swing through the air and hit its mark. Light. Color. Sound. There were too many sensations. She was flying through the air. She hit the ground. The pain was everywhere.

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