Thog/Miko (Part 4)

Miko groaned and tried to get up. It was difficult so she placed her hands on her stomach and muttered, “Lay on hands.” Above her was the transparent image of Soon Kim.
“Miko,” he said, “I cannot stay for long, but I must warn you. You have been treated leniently by the twelve gods due to your ignorance. This will not last for much longer. Unless you give up your ridiculous vendetta against The Order of the Stick and realize your mistakes so that you can pursue your true duty to your people and fight your true enemies you will fall.”
“But the Order are servants of the evil Xykon!” cried Miko.
“If you refuse to listen to reason and reexamine your judgments, Miko,” answered Soon, “then I cannot help you.” With that, he faded away.

After she had pondered Soon’s warning, she noticed a green body lying on the ground. His axe had wedged into his shoulder in addition to his wounds that were similar to those that she had received. She pulled out the axe and placed her hands upon him. “Lay on hands.” she said.
“blue cape girl make me feel good.” said Thog happily. Before they could do anything else, Nale arrived, riding on a bear followed quickly by Sabine and Pompey. After Nale dismounted, the bear transformed into Leeky. “We’ve been looking all over for you.” said Nale, “What is that?” He indicated a large purple anomaly in the sky.
“That is the rift.” answered Miko, “It was released when we destroyed the gate to stop Xykon from controlling it.” Nale thought for a minute.
“Are there other gates?” he asked.
“Yes.” answered Miko.
“Will Xykon try to get to one of those?” Nale asked.
“Probably,” answered Miko, “he can’t use this gate to release the abomination anymore so he’ll probably try somewhere else. When he does, we’ll have to stop him.”
“Honey,” said Sabine suddenly, “may I speak to you for a second?”
“Alright.” said Nale and they disappeared around a corner. After a couple of minutes, Nale returned alone. “Sabine had to stop off home.” he announced.
“I don’t understand…” began Miko.
“Don’t worry about it.” said Nale, “The city has fallen. They’re evacuating in ships right now. We’ll go to the next gate to take on Xykon and The Order there.”
“But if they’re evacuating,” said Miko, “shouldn’t I be aiding my people either in the evacuation or here in the city?”
“No,” answered Nale, “as you said, The Order must be stopped, and this is the best way to do it.”
“Alright.” said Miko and they headed out of the city.

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