Therkla/Thieves Guild Member

Therkla waited in the shadows, watching as the thieves laughed and celebrated over their latest spoils. This was going to be a difficult assignment. Soon only one of the thieves remained to guard the chest that they had recently “acquired”. She would have to make her move soon. “I’ve got to try some of this stuff out!” said the thief as he flung open the chest and donned a helmet. Sensing an opportunity, Therkla jumped out from the shadows, but she had obviously failed the opposed roll on her move silently check as the thief grabbed an item from the chest and jumped out the way. “Whoever you are, I don’t want to fight you,” said the thief, “but I will if you force me to and I’m sure that this potion will give me a big advantage in combat. I suggest that you leave so that I can return these items as I have just realized that stealing is wrong and wish to make up for my sinful past.” Therkla quickly grabbed an identical looking potion bottle and laughed, “Looks like we’re both getting the advantage, now prepare to die so I can go kill your master.”
“I can’t let you do that!” cried the thief and they both downed the potions. Suddenly, however, Therkla noticed how attractive this thief was and that killing him wasn’t actually what she wanted to do to him. “Look,” said the thief, “do we really have to fight? I’ve shed too much blood in the past and while I’ve just met you I like you a lot already. How about we spend some time getting to know each other and come up with a different solution.”
“That sounds good.” replied Therkla suggestively, “I’m Therkla, what’s your name and where can we find a place private enough for this “getting to know one another?””
“My name is James,” came the reply, “and I know just the place.” Therkla hoped that Lord Kubota was willing to forgive this little failed assignment.

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