Vaarsuvius/Dark Mistress Shadowgale

Vaarsuvius was really starting to get annoyed. They had left already. Now the only individuals here were the stupid Azurites. At least Vaarsuvius knew that they were headed to Greysky now. However, it may have already been to late to repair all the damage that this situation had caused. “You know,” whispered Ganneron, “my epic teleport allows you to arrive before you left.”
“Then I shall go to Miss Starshine’s past!” declared Vaarsuvius, “Epic teleport!”

Haley Starshine, or Dark Mistress Shadowgale as she liked to call herself, was in a bad mood. Her stupid father had grounded her and now she had to stay in her room until she was ready to apologise. Like that was going to happen. Suddenly there was a loud noise and a bright flash of pink light. A pale creature with fangs, wild hair and glowing eyes dressed in black had appeared. Was this some kind of dark, powerful vampire necromancer? That would be so cool! “Like, hi,” said Haley, “I’m Dark Mistress Shadowgale and I must say that your outfit is super hot!” Vaarsuvius stared down at the human teenager. “My outfit is not important.” declared Vaarsuvius, “I seek Miss Haley Starshine.” Haley frowned.
“I don’t go by that name anymore!” she growled. Vaarsuvius stared at this human. This was obviously further back than was intended. Having a caster level this high took some getting used to. Vaarsuvius scrutinized the human further. Haley Starshine had always been attractive, yet seeing her as her younger self in this different outfit whilst knowing whom she would grow up to be, combined with missing her for so long gave Vaarsuvius cravings. “Very well Miss Shadowgale. I am merely glad to meet you.” said Vaarsuvius. “So are you a necromancer or something?” asked Haley.
“I do have the abilities of a necromancer at the moment,” answered Vaarsuvius, “however, “or something” is probably a better description of me.”
“Necromancy is totally hot!” said Haley. “Are you going to make me part of your legion of the damned?”
“No, I am not.” answered Vaarsuvius. Haley’s face fell. “For you are perfect just the way you are and becoming undead would not improve you.” Vaaruvius continued, “Also I will enjoy spending time with you as you are now.” Haley’s face brightened again.
“Are you saying that you are interested in me?” she asked.
“Of course,” answered Vaarsuvius, “you are a highly attractive individual.”
“Then show me that you mean that.” said Haley with a grin, “Kiss me.” Vaarsuvius was glad to oblige.

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