“May the Twelve Gods not appear in the sky just to smack you down.” said Haley to Thann. Suddenly, there was a loud crash and a loud hobgoblin voice cried “They’re here! We’ve found they’re headquarters!” Haley quickly drew her bow, but Celia grabbed her arm and cried, “No! If we fight, too many people will die!” Haley looked around and decided that they couldn’t really afford to risk the entire combined resistance and so she yelled, “Quick! Everyone out the emergency exit!”

“I can’t believe it!” cried Haley, “We’ve lost the headquarters, our supplies and…”
Roy!” cried Celia.
“What?” asked Haley.
We left Roy’s body behind!” Celia cried, “We’ve got to get him back.
“Great,” sighed Haley, “That’s all we need.”

“Alright,” said Haley to Celia, “I’m the PC here, let me handle this. Sneak attack, sneak attack, sneak attack and sneak attack!” as she jumped out and filled the first of the hobgoblin guards. “Now, it’s your…”
Wait!” yelled Celia, “I can’t believe you killed that guard and now you’re going to kill this one. Tell me sir, where is the decaying human body that was down here?” The hobgoblin stared at the arrow that was pointed straight at his face and gulped, “Alright, … you rolled high enough on your intimidate check. Everything that was found here was taken back to the castle. We’re just here to make sure that no-one comes back.”
See Haley,” exclaimed Celia, “I have advanced our goals without resorting to violence. I think that I should take over from here.” as she grabbed the dead hobgoblin’s arm and started dragging him off.
“Wait Celia!” cried Haley, “What are you do…?”

Alright,” Celia declared to herself as she finished straightening the uniform she had removed from the dead hobgoblin, “I may not be an adventurer but I know how to get this done. Alter self.” Her appearance changed to that of a hobgoblin. “Good, now I’ll be able to get into the castle and even if I’m questioned, they won’t suspect that I’m a sylph as my speech bubbles aren’t blue anymore.”

“Hmmm,” thought Celia as she walked through another door, “getting lost wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
Ah, you must be today’s entertainment. You’re a little early but I’m not complaining.” Celia turned to her left to see Xykon holding a pie which he promptly threw at her. “Ow, no!” she cried and turned back to her true form deciding that the beetles were not worth keeping the disguise. “Wait, you look familiar didn’t you use to work for Dorukon? Yes, hmmm. Now, normally I don’t go for the living but I suppose that you aren’t technically a mortal, which is good enough for me. I think that we can do something even more fun than torture hobgoblins. Come here, and leave the uniform on.” Celia was confused, Xykon was a horrible boss and because of him Roy was dead, but wasn’t she always trying to find alternative ways of dealing with problems from violence? She smiled and walked forwards…

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