Xykon/Redcloak (Part 1)

“…and we should therefore be ready to leave tomorrow morning.” Redcloak finished.
“It’s alright Reddy,” said Xykon, “we’re the only ones here. We can stop this pretence and get down to having some fun.”
“I thought you’d never ask.” smiled Redcloak.
“Now, that that ridiculous theurge is out of the way no one will interrupt us.” said Xykon as he began to caress Redcloak’s cheek. “Yes, I have you all to myself.” said Redcloak with glee as he began to undress. “You know I told her that the reason that I didn’t want her was because I wasn’t a biophilliac.” laughed Xykon, “Little did she know that my tastes swing another way.”
“Well, why would you want her when you have me?” asked Redcloak as he stroked Xykon’s sternum, “After all, she’s so pathetic that we don’t even tell her plot critical points.”
“Well, let’s stop thinking about her and start thinking about how wonderful it is to be together.” said Xykon before giving Redcloak a passionate kiss.

“Nooooooo!” screamed Tsukiko as she rolled over and opened her eyes. She looked around. She was in bed. It was just a nightmare. She reached out for her Xykon doll and cuddled it to her chest before saying, “Whatever happens, don’t you leave me.”

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