Xykon/Redcloak (Part 2)

“This is ridiculous.” thought Tsukiko, “It’s my dream, so I should be in control and it’s my fantasy so I should enjoy it.”

Xykon and Redcloak’s make-out session was rudely interrupted with the word “Disintegrate.” spoken by a familiar voice, followed by the door being reduced to its component molecules. In through the recently “unlocked” doorway flew Tsukiko, her hands glowing with blue and purple energy respectively. “Alright, I’m crashing this party.” she said, “I’m in charge now. Bugsby’s swatting hand.” The resulting hang flung Redcloak clear into the opposite wall.”
“Aaaaargh.” groaned Redcloak.
“Tsukiko please…” begged Xykon as he pulled up his robes.
“Don’t you interfere. Forecage.” ordered Tsukiko, “and you’ll find that that one is a lot less than moderately escapable.” She turned back to where Redcloak was struggling to get up. “This is for the elemental!” she cried, “Quickened maximised empowered polar ray which oddly takes less time to say than polar ray.”
“What power!” said Xykon with awe, “Tsukiko I’m seeing you in a whole new light.” Tsukiko walked up to Redcloak’s fresh corpse. “I’m not done with you yet, create perfect undead.” Redcloak opened his eyes in shock. “There, you are much better this way.” Tsukiko declared, “Back to business. Dismiss forecage. Improved heightened x 42 control undead.” Redcloak’s and Xykon’s eyes began to swirl. “Now kiss me!” she ordered.
“Yeeeeessss, Mistress.” they replied.

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