There should have been a bar on this island, or at least an ice cream shop, because Nale needed to drown his sorrows. Sabine's double-dealing should not have come as such a shock - it was downright cliche for the wicked seductress to have other masters on the side, and Nale was supposed to be a genius. And all this time he believed she'd been going to the lower planes to have sex.

With Thog occupied for the moment (gods know why he's dressed like a clown now), there was nothing to do but plan the next overcomplicated course of action. He'd managed to find the ship carrying his brother and had been following as stealthily as possible for quite some time, hoping to feed misinformation to those the Order had been asking for help, thereby lead them into a trap involving… Ah, but all that required a full team of evil counterparts. More to the point, with Sabine gone, he was stuck on the island.

His train of thought stopped abruptly as he realized he was being watched. Had he been monologuing? Sure enough, he caught sight of a green-skinned maiden in a ninja suit out of the corner of his eye. He turned and for a long moment their eyes met, the stranger just staring as if dumbfounded…

He looked again and she was gone. Must have been his imagination. After all, ninjas can't be seen.

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