Mr. Scruffy/Dangerous Trap

(Present Day)

Belkar was in the dungeon in which Girard's Gate was believed to be kept. It had been several hours before that the party had split up.

As they had entered the dungeon, Elan had predicted that everyone would have to face the thing they loved most, as well as what they feared most. If it was true, nothing had happened yet. Nonetheless, the idea of facing his fears scared him. This was because he didn't know what he was afraid of. Sure, he'd always told everyone that he was fearless and that he was the 'sexy shoeless god of war.' But really, deep down, he didn't think he was fearless. He was afraid of the idea that there were things he didn't know about to fear. As this reality dawned on him -

"Meow," Mr. Scruffy purred loudly. It shattered his thoughts and he came back to the reality of the chilly sandstone caves.

"Once I think of someone to blame for all this sudden thought, there'll be hell to pay…" He muttered.

"MREOW!" Mr. Scruffy jumped out of his arms (actually, Belkar didn't remember how the scruffster had gotten into his arms at all… Odd) and ran off into the caves.

(Maybe a day or so into the past)

"You really got it reset? Do you have any idea how much that's going to set us back?"

"Of course. Still, if I get half the laughs I'd gotten out of it before, it's totally worth it."

Redcloak and Xykon had found the locations of all of the gates in Serini's diary after O-Chul escaped, and now were outside the dungeon, planning their entrance. They'd decided to make things tough for the Order by sticking in a few little surprises, one of which was the dreaded trap that they'd used back in Dorukan's dungeon.

"So… Are you just going to go set it up and leave it for them to trigger?"


"Sir, I don't think we have time for this."

"Redcloak, I'm an epic-leveled sorcerer. I can make time. Besides, all I have to do is teleport it into place. Not that hard."

Redcloak sighed. "All right, sir. Let's get going."

(Present day)

"MR. SCRUFFY! NO!" Belkar cried out. The little cat had scampered off, and Belkar finally realized what he feared:

Being alone in a location in which he know nothing about. No, there were no human guards that he could kill in gruesome (albeit comedic) ways, no 2 ton anvils attached to the ceiling, no lever to unleash the cougar.

He was alone.

V's scream echoing off the cavern walls didn't help much either.

Mr. Scruffy was off into the labyrinthine darkness which would have confused any but the most perceptive human. Or elf. Or halfling. Dwarves would probably be fine, though.

Suddenly, his paw landed a little bit further down into the rock than it had for all of the other steps. He froze.

At this point I should probably explain that Mr. Scruffy is actually an intelligent being. He, like Shojo, faked pure idiocy. When Belkar (who he felt much more intelligent then, but kept around for the lulz) had said it was time to go kick ass, he had performed the standard cat response for a reason: He was laughing.

Thus, the adorable little kitty saw the monstrous trap that laid out before him. He saw the scythes and the poison, the fire ants…

And for once in his life, he felt true love.

This wicked mechanism truly understood him. He wanted to trigger the trap and feel the wonderful burn of the ant's bites, to lose all motion from the poisons and succumb to the will of the scythes. He knew it wouldn't kill him, it too loved him.

He triggered the trap, and for once felt true bliss.

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