Mr. Scruffy/Scorpion

He was so soft. That was my first thought. Such smooth, white, fur, such finely shaped legs, so full of meat for our future babies. Yes, he wasn't quite normal, lacking pincers, and having such odd mouth-parts, but his tail…I had to have him. But when I approached him, I froze. That's never happened before, but I was just so in in awe of his exoticness, his perfection. I could not start the dance, and he, surely out of boredom, attempted to leave. I couldn't have that. Not before I got my chance. I was desperate. So I stung him. It wasn't much, just enough to slow him, just enough to give me a chance, I thought. But it wasn't, he shruged it off like nothing I've seen before, and he took it wrong. Thought it was an attack or something. As if I would ever harm such a perfect figure. I had to stop him, had to explain…but he ignored me. Ignored my scent, ignored my tremors. Just as I began to wonder if I had made a mistake(but how could I not go after him), I felt something pierce my back. It didn't hurt, but I was lifted from the ground, and felt myself growing weak. Even that I will survive. No matter how I am injured, I will endure. I will manage to tell him. He may understand now, he's looking at me, even in my current state, with such eagerness, such hunger. We WILL be together. We will….why is it so hot?

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