As soon as the piercing scream woke the inn, the Order rushed for Vaarsuvius' room with their customary levels of professionalism.

The next sound to shatter the stillness of the morning was the window as Elan flew through it. Haley ran in soon after, wearing what could be considered in some circles leather armor. "You know, we're just down the hall. You can use the door on occasion."

Roy made it to the room next. "Where's theGAH! ELAN! A lack of pants in no way renders you invisible! Haley, those don't count! V, what is it?"

As Dorkun entered the room, and Haley ruefully handed Elan a towel, Vaarsuvius nervously pointed to the bed. There, lying amid rumpled bedclotes, was a speckled egg the size of a fist.

"Vaarsuvius, I know I'm going to regret asking this, but, why, exactly, is there an egg in the middle of your bed?"

"Sir Greenhilt, it…appears…and I just confirmed by divination…that I laid it in the middle of the night. I can think of no spell that would do that, though.
I cannot fathom how this happened."

"Och, elf! Didn't yer parents e'er talk ta ye about tha' facts o' life? "

"Yes, however I-"

"V, I thought you knew this at the time, but that yummy elf with the silver hair you spent the night with a month ago was a polymorphed dragon. And since dragons are reptiles…" Haley's voice trailed off.

"Do you know how many dragons have courted me recently? Recent events have somewhat raised my status with the various true dragons. And yes, dragons and dragon-mates lay eggs. I, however, should not have!"

Dorkun looked at the elf gravely. "V, sometimes protection spells fail. This may na be tha best time or place for it, but the gods hae blessed ye wit a gift. An since e'en half-dragon eggs take a while to hatch, ya can take the time ta bring it into a world witout the lich and maybe e'en wit a proper home.

V looked at the dwarf, still holding the deer-in-headlights expression. "But…but…You insufferably blind fools, I AM MALE!"

The silence was finally broken by Belkar stumbling into the room, yawning. "What'd I miss? Did something eat the elf?"

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