Humans are so confusing. A few minutes ago these two were at each other's throats over me, and now he's complimenting her on her clothes? And is she blushing when she says it goes well with her dress?
…oh my. "Show off your figure?" A rabbit would call that too forward. And she giggled? Well, at least he's keeping up the compliments, though he has no idea what' proper conversation is with ladies present. Aaand now he just called her attractive as crudely as he possibly could. Why is someone as
wise as she is falling for something as moronic as this? She must not be used to the idea that the guys of the world would want to see her figure, though really, he only cares about one thing…Oh no. She's calculating now. What is she thinking? Um…what does she mean, 'Has he ever had a 3-way?' AWAKEN SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR THIS!!!

Dang. That was totally worth it once he let me into his pants.

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