"Are you sure they're here?"

"Yes, I'm sure"

"Well if your sure then where should we lay the trap?"

"I'm not quite sure yet. We haven't gotten a visual on them. So let's fan out and look for them one by on-"

"Thog want ice cream! Thog is hot! Thog feels chafing in Thog's-"

"Whoa! That's enough! Don't want to visualize that. Sabine take Thog and find him some ice cream. I will look for the order and my idiot brother myself."

"Where will I find ice cream in a desert like this, Nale?!"

"I don't know, just do it!" Nale storms off down a row of tents. He turns right and walks a little further. Just then, on the other side of some tents he hears a voice that is moving. He doesn't quite hear what it says, but he recognizes who it belongs to and sneaks off trying to find it. He peaks around a tent and sure enough, there was the fellow strategist making a purchase for… a sextant? It seems that the order was going somewhere that they needed direction from the stars.

"This is a lovely place to spy, isn't it?"

"Yes it is my psychopatic friend. Soon you and…" realizes who he's talking to "Gah! How'd you find me?!"

"I recognize your scent anywhere after what happened that night after parcheese. Speaking of which, We have unfinished business, you and I" Pulls out some daggers.

Nale backs away from the evil grin of Belkar and stumbles into a vacant tent.

Belkar follows, "Hey! This is perfect! I don't know *How* angry Roy would be if I killed you in public. I'm sure this will shorten the arguement considerably." He pulls on the tent flaps, closing them and advances on Nale.

"I don't think so you lunatic. Charm Person!"

"Oh hi Nale! My you look spiffing on the floor like that."

"Whew! thank the gods his will save is so low."

"My that shirt looks like it makes you look so darn hot. Maybe you should remove it."


"You heard me." And in a bounding leap, Belkar cuts off Nale's shirt and pins him on the ground.

"What are you doing?!?!"

"Tending to a friends physical discomforts and giving him pleasure. Now hold still, it will feel better when were done."

"OH CRAP! He rolled a 1!"

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