"Raise Dead"

A diamond dissappeared as it was converted into the dead body at the clerics feet. Instantly, the figure rose, taking a deep breath.

"That will be all cleric."

"Yes, Bozzak." THe cleric leaves.

"Why that no good pig bitch! When I get after her I'll-"

"Quiet, Crystal! How did you beaten by Haley in the first place?"

"She jumped in and got me with 4 sneak attacks." Said Crystal, somewhat ashamed. "And she told me that the deal was off. She wasn't going to pay one copper piece and she'll kill all that you send after her."

"Dammit, Haley! Why did you have to be this big of a pain."

"Let me go after her Bozzak! I'll kill her for you!"

"No! You've done enough! I have to think about what to do about Starshine. Get out of that towel and into bed Crystal. You've just been raised and I want you well rested when the next assassination assignment is presented to us." Slams door shut.

"No Crystal! I don't want you to Crystal! Who does he think I am?! I'm the best assassin in the entire guild! I could easily kill Haley and loot back… ALL MY STUFF!!! Dammit! She took everything! And she even cut up my clothes! Damn her! Well, I'll send some one to get me some clothes tomorrow. Since Bozzak mentioned it, I do feel kind of tired. Must be the spell, being in a whole new body and everything."

She walks down into her room. Removing the towel and throwing it into a corner, she slips into the sheets, feeling them on her bare skin. It felt kind of weird to be in bed naked and without a nightgown or anything. She just added it to the list of reasons on why she hated Starshine and quickly fell asleep.

She was standing in Old Blind Pete's house in the room she cut Haley's hair in. Remembering the feeling of being in absolute power over her then felt so good and right. If only she was actually there. Then she notices a closet door. She reaches out and turns the nob. Out falls a nude Haley right at her feet, unconcious.

Well, I wish and Opportunity delivers. Now all I need is my knife and… It wasn't there. In fact, she still didn't have any of her clothes on still. Well this is just great! Why would they be put in the same room together nude?! She wanted to kill her not make out with her.

"Can't have you go killing her"

Crystal whips around at the voice. "Who's there! Show yourself! If you think your enjoying the sight of us here, think again! I am sooo going to kill you!"

"Oh, please. Enough with the empty threats." The voice came from the shadows.

"I know where you are! If you show yourself now, I will make your death painless! Now come out of there!"

Emerging from the shadows, was a white cat that strode into the room and sat, staring at crystal. "Meow"

"Huh? It was a cat." Something about the cat seemed familiar. "Wait a minute… aren't you the halflings cat? Why are yo-"

Then suddenly, something tackled Crystal from behind. Not knowing what was happening, a blindfold was put over her eyes. She thrashed around but her arms and feet were quickly tied together and she couldn't move.

"What is this?! What's going on?!"

A hand removes the blindfold and there stood the answer. "YOU! What are you doing?!"

"Keeping up with my new ship. Saving my sexy adventuring partner."

"And you tied me up for what?!"

"Pleasure, mostly. Preventing you from thrashing is secondary."

"Pleasure? Pleasure for what exactly?"

The Halfling walks over to the nude Haley and picks her up. Atleast the best he could, Haley's hind quarters and legs were dragging on the ground.

"Well, you see, my new boat is nice and all, but it's just not me. I'm suffering from sufficient whore withdrawl and I need that corrected."

"But… If you do this… then you stop following your boat!"

"Ah, well that's where you're wrong." He drops Haley on top of crystal and starts to change the poses of them. "My new boat is about 'pretending' to have character growth. There's a difference." He finally stops, having Crystal laying on her back, with the unconscious Haley laying on top of her. Haley's arms were wraped around Crystal's body and her lips were place on her mouth, preventing her from speaking.


"Shhh… You ask how is it a difference? Well, as long as Haley's unconscious and she never finds out about it, I keep my ship. And now for the finishing touch." To Crystal's horror, the Halfling starts to undress. "Come on Mr. Scruffy, Play time!"

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