Ceila/Mr Rodriguez

"I'm sorry that something like that happened, Celia."

"Well it did! It took forever for someone to find me! I'm going to need to talk to Roy about his sister the next time I see him."

"Yes, of course. And again I apologize for what has happened. I will give you double the extra credit because of it."

"Triple! I did mention there was a pencil involved!"

"I'm… going to try not to picture that. Anyways, here's your current grade. I will definately be more careful about assigning Extra-credit problems. See you later, Celia."

Celia got up and flew out of the class. She remembered how the magic school kept apologizing for what had happened and that they would displine Julia Greenhilt most severly. But Celia knew that little tramp would smooth talk the teachers off.

She flew around angrily and finally arrived at a court house. She decided to get her mind off of the event by starting early on that court house report. She entered in and proceeded down the halls. She eentually spotted a pair of people in suits preparing paperwork before going into the court room. As she neared them, she could hear what they were saying.

-going to use it and that's final!"

"But it's on spooooky legal paper."

"That's it! I will be handling this case myself! Mr. Rod, you will not partake in it at all!"


"No Buts!"

And with a slam, the door to the court room was shut, leaving Mr. Rodriguez standing in the hall alone.

"It's not fair!" He whined.

"What happened?"

"He never takes my ideas seriously. It's all, 'were not going to blend' or 'it's a serious buisness'. But what about my idea's?"

"Here, let me take a look." He gave her the paper and she looked at it thourghly. She could tell right away what the problem was. It was almost as if Elan himself was trying to be a lawyer. She had to try extra hard to not sigh. "Well, I can see some mistakes here."

"NO!! Please! I'm sorry! Writ of habeas corpus!"

"Woah! Calm down! What's wrong?

Mr. Rod was cowering on the floor with his back to the wall. "Last time someone said it was a mistake, it was a scary chaotic halfling."

Celia thought back to Belkar. Yup. That would totally be that little psycopath. She picks Mr. Rod off the floor. "Here. Why don't we have a drink and I will show you how you can improve."

"Y-You'd really do that?"

"Sure! I have a perfect record."

"Awww… my record is 0-147…"

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