What was left of the explosion site was a crater of sand and occasional glass. Suddenly, part of the sand gives way and Haley emerges from it.

*Gasp* "Elan!"

"Down here." His voice sounds somewhat muffled.

"Don't Worry! I'll Dig You Out!" She hurriedly digs in the sand where she heard Elan's voice. Finally, she feels something hard and manages to uncover Elan's face.

"Thanks Haley. But now I have sand in my pants."

"Well, atleast you're alright." She continues to dig him out.

"Well, not exactly. I still lost a lot of my hitpoints."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I managed to dodge most of it, but I still got scraped up a bit. There you go. You can pull yourself out now."

"Alright then." He extracts himself from the sand. Haley gasps as she see's burns all along him.

"Oh My Gods! Your seriously hurt!"

"Well you're hurt too. Here, Mass Cure light wounds!" He does this several times, healing Haley all the way and getting rid of his burns.

"Wow. Thanks Elan."

"No problem. Ouch!"

"What's wrong?!"

"My foot hurts a little. And I used up all my heal spells."

"Don't worry. Durkon will heal it."

"Ya. Okay. Let's get out of here, before that vulture gets us."

"What vulture."

"That bird up there that keeps circling us."

"Huh. Well that's not a vulture. It looks like a raven, but what is it doing all the way out here?"

The bird flies in front of them. "Hurry! Vaarsuvius is really hurt!"

"Cool! The bird talks! How did it learn that? Or maybe it's part parrot!"

"Highly unlikely, honey. It appears it is a wizard's familiar. Though why do you know Vaarsuvius?"

"Because I'm Vaarsuvius's familiar! You named me remember?!"

"I did? And Vaarsuvius has a raven familiar?"

"There's no time to explain! Vaarsuvius is in negative hitpoints!

"What?! Seriously?!"

"Yes! Now come on!" The bird flies off.

Elan and Haley hurries after it. Shortly, they see a crumpled heap of red robes in the sand.

"Vaarsuvius!" They reach the body and hurriedly pulls it out. *Whew* "V made her stabilization roll."

"Stabilization roll?"

"Ya. You get a 10% chance to stabilize when you get negative hitpoints."

"Oh. Well I knew Vaarsuvius would have made it. His 10% is one in a million."

..Right… Anyways. I'm going to get Durkon. Vaarsuvius is unconcious."

"Okay. Hurry back!" And Haley hurries off. Elan looks at Vaarsuvius. "You know, I remember hearing something about this. Now what was it… Oh! I rememeber!"

Elan hurries over and presses his lips to the elf's. Almost immediately, the elf stirs and then starts pushing Elan away.

Elan quickly pulls back. "Vaarsuvius! Your awake!"

The Elf is retching and coughing. "I… absolutely implore… You Do *NOT* Do That Ever Again!!! Or Else I Will Not Be Able To Sing Again!!"

"Awww… But that's alright. I've been giving Haley lessons. By the way. Your lips sure feel different from Haley's."

As Haley brings over the rest of the group, they notice an awake Vaarsuvius wrestling with Elan with both hands clamped firmly around his throat.

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