Haley's Dream

Her limbs finally stopped. Lacking the strength to support them, she toppled over onto the ground. She looked over at the pair of elves embraced and saw that V was looking at her over the mates shoulder. Haley returned it with a "Thank you" smile, before the pain in all her limbs made her slip out into the darkness of unconsciousness.

She was falling down, still stripped of all clothes, into ever sinking darkness. She knew she was unconscious, yet she was dreaming. Wasn't being unconscious generally mean "dreamless sleep"?

Not knowing how long she fell, she eventually hit the ground. The impact was so soft, it was hardly noticable. She opened her eyes to see a confused array of colors all around. They seemed, however, to form some kind of room of their own. She pushed herself into a sitting position and looked around.

"Where am I?" She asks outloud.

Not expecting any reply, she jumped when one came.

In your own faults and fears.

"What?! Who said that?"

There was only silence.



She rose to her feet. The mass of colors all around seemed to move with her. Still contemplating on what they meant, she continued to examine them.

"Gods, I hate this room."

Haley looks around quickly.

"Oh come on! Do you always have to follow me around, self-loathing? Why can't I have the 'Wanting to return to comedy' me here instead?"

"Because we drew straws and I lost. We all hate this room."

"Not me, you didn't even let me draw straws."

"That's because we knew that Haley was naked when she fell in, 'latent bi-sexuallity'. We thought it best to not have you stare at yourself."

"Thank You." Haley says while trying to cover herself. "Why do I even have that part in my brain anyways?"

"Because I enjoy watching yourself."

"THAT DOES IT!! Haley, my loathing for your lesbian counter-part has conjured up your old leather clothing. It's over there in that heap."

"Why my old clothing? Why not my new ones?"

"Because your new ones will keep *HER* here."

"Point taken." She starts putting on the clothing.

"Oh, ya. I like it like that."

"Why you little!"

There's a frenzy of noise as the 2 start fighting. Haley casually ignores them as she finishes putting on her outfit.

"There. She's finally dressed. Now you can stalk on out of here and go back to your corner."

"*Sigh* Alright… But that little tussel we did was still enjoyable."


"Why you no good lesbian Bitc-"

"Can I please stop fight with myself and have my initial question answered? Like what the hell is this place?"

"Well, this is the place of all your faults and fears."

"Ya, I got that. But why am I here."

"Because your guilt was so high."

"What guilt?"

"Haley, enough with the stupid act. You know very well what kind of guilt you have."

Haley just stares.

"*Sigh* Alright. Then what about that little thing with V's mate."

"What? But… the elf attacked me! Why would I feel guilty by that?"

"Because you know that you wouldn't have been tortured if you did do what you didn't in the court room."

"Hey! It was the only thing I could think of on the spot!"

"And what about Elan?"

"He'll understand. I was running out of stalling ideas."

"You ran out very quick then. And you also enjoyed the ordeal a bit to much in my opinion."

"Well who asked you?!"

"You did."

"Oh, for the love of pete."

"You having an affair with him too?"

"Oh, SHUT UP!" She turns and storms away. The colors remain the same distance from her as she walks, so she can continue walking forever.

"Hey, come back here! I'm not done talking with you!"

"Well I'm done talking to you! That's why I grew out of your gothic ideals."

"Well princess, these 'Gothic ideals' are going to show you where your wrong."

"Where I'm wrong at what?"

Points. "That."

Haley turns and sees a scene happening before her eyes. Her father was in a prison cell. He had blood running down his face and he was reaching through the bars. "Haley! Help me, please!"

"DAD?!" She rushes forward, but the moment that she gets to his outstreached hand, the scene dissappears. "Wh-what… is this?"

"Now you know why all your selves hate this room. It constantly reminds us on what our obligation is and how we keep screwing up."

"Keep screwing up on what?! What have I screwed up on."

"Ahem." Points again. Haley turns and sees the dragon hoard.

"Ya, so? What about th-" The dragon hoard explodes before her eyes.

"You were so close that time to freeing your dad, yet you let it explode."

"What do you mean 'let it'?! The hotel had explosives in it. How was I supposed to save it."

"Maybe you weren't"

"I don't get any of this. I have the money to free him now."

"Then why don't you?"

"Because, I have no idea which country it is right now."

"Yet your only companion you are taking along to find it can't read a map."

"Hey! You know very well I can't go to Roy!"

"No. I know no such thing. He's told you about watching you guys from above. If he would have any reason not to trust you, watching you take leadership would have erased all that."

"But… he has enough on his plate."

"Listen to me. We don't know where the gate is. All we know is it's surronded by illusions. Think about it for a second. Roy knows where the gate is. He's also alot smarter at figuring this stuff out then we are. If you tell him about your father, he might figure out where he might be. For all we know, his prison might even be on the way."

"Yes… but…"

"No Buts! I'm not letting you hide from this one. I've cast Glitterdust on you from hiding on this. You won't be able to hide from Roy, no matter how low his spot is. You understand? This is the chance of a life time, and I'm not going to let you screw it up! I will haunt you, and no matter how much you squirm, no matter how much you complain, there is nothing. Nothing. You. Can. Do. To. Stop. Me.

Do you understand me?"


… yes. I-I understand. You're right. I could never forgive myself if we have to leave the continent with my dad still in jail. I just hope Roy isn't too harsh."

"Haley, don't worry. After Miko, who can be harsher?"

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