Inkyrius (Part 1)

*Door creaks open*

"Ah, Varrsuvius, excellent. And who are you?"

"Celia, I will be representing Varrsuvius during the divorce case."

"Ah, yes. Please sit down." They sit. "As you know, Inkyrius is suing for grounds for divorce, am I right Inkyrius"

"Yes." Says Inkyrius in a corner that they didn't know was there. "I feel that Varrsuvius has paid more attention in his magic then in me and is proposing a danger to our children."

"Right, quite right, so lets get down to business then."

"If you please, I would like to leave for a moment. Being in the same room with Suvie is bring back… memories that may make this.. difficult."

"Alright, go ahead. I'll take care of things until you get back."

"Thank you!" And Inkyrius quickly exits. The door closes with a snap and Inkyrius takes some steadying breaths. All those years, all they're time together, had Suvie ever treasured those or view them as a waste of time from magic? Inkyrius turns and walks down the hall. At an intersection in the halls, Inkyrius sees Varrsuvius's party just standing around. They look rather unhappy, though that may be because of the Halfling. He does seem to be the source of the argument for some reason. Inkyrius continues the walk, leaving the party of 4 from sight. After walking down further, Inkyrius got disoriented from what direction was which. The halls look the same.

"Have you gotten lost?"

Inkyrius whirls around to see a female human with short red hair and rather revealing clothes. "Maybe a little."

"So your Varrsuvius's mate, huh? V told me so much about you."

"Your another one of Suvie's 'Friends', I take it?"

"Yup, the names Haley. I've been traveling with V for alot longer then the rest of the group. So what kind of danger is V putting your children in?"

Inkyrius looks at Haley open mouthed. "How do you know that?"

"Rogues got good skills at sneaking around and listening at doors."

"Oh… well… Suvie has been rather aggressive in the search for power. I'm afraid that in end result will be children graves."

"Oh, V is like that, but can be turned away from the power hungry search for magic. I've done that several times when we were bunking in the same dorms together."

"Suvie does? How did you do that?"

"Well…" Haley opens a door to a broom closet. "Lets just say that it takes a type of persuasion. I'll teach you how if you like." Haley gently pulls Inkyrius into the closet.

Inkyrius suspects whats going to happen, but let events transpire. After all, what else will get the mind off of what's happened. "Please, what type of persuasion is it?"

"Well…" Haley Locks the door from the inside. "It all has to do with offering someone something a little more pleasure then what they're looking for." Starts to lift up her top.

Inkyrius stares at the undressing human, paralyzed to the ground. "And, this will get Suvie to pay more attention to me then the magic?"

"You guessed it. Here let me help you." Starts to pull off Inkyrius's clothes. "And you call V 'Suvie'? That's a cute pet name. What pet name does V have for you?"

Inkyrius, stands there as the last of the garments fall to the ground. "I'm… kn-known… as 'Kyrie'."

"Well, Kyrie…" Hands wrap around Inkyrius back as Haley pulls herself tight to Inkyrius. "Better take notes, this is your first lesson." And she put her tender lips on Inkyrius and there was nothing more to resist. Inkyrius joined the fray just as vigoursly…

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